Supported Devices

Technically, you can use Librekontrol to configure any device that is recognized by the kernel as an input device and/or as having hardware controls (from the computer's perspective, such as LEDs) that can be manipulated via ALSA.

Librekontrol officialy "supports" a number of devices. This means that the details of these devices are fully specified in the Librekontrol code. Thus, you can use these devices "out-of-the-box" via a high-level configuration interface.

The following devices are presently supported (or nearly supported) by Librekontrol:

ManufacturerDeviceDefinitionsHigh-level Config.Example Configs.
Native InstrumentsAudio 4 DJcompleteyesno
Native InstrumentsAudio 8 DJcompleteyesno
Native InstrumentsAudio Kontrol 1completeyesyes
Native InstrumentsKontrol S4incompletenono
Native InstrumentsKontrol X1incompletenono
Native InstrumentsKorecompletenono
Native InstrumentsKore 2completenono
Native InstrumentsMaschine*completeyesno
Native InstrumentsRig Kontrol 2completeyesno
Native InstrumentsRig Kontrol 3completeyesno

*Note: The LCD displays on the Native Instruments Maschine are not exposed to the kernel and thus are not able to be used via Librekontrol

Some devices are marked as having "incomplete" definitions. For these devices, all of the input events that they can produce are known, however it is not clear which control each event maps to. Devices without support for high-level configuration lack couplings between input controls and LEDs (that is, it's not always clear which LED should be turned on with which control). If you own any of these devices and want to help complete their support, please get in touch.

To use other devices, you must first define all of their inputs manually or otherwise use the low-level programming interface. Please consider offering these configurations to the Librekontrol developers to be included in future releases of the software.

We intend to have example configurations available for all supported devices, however designing a configuration requires access to and usage of the device in question. If you have created a generally useful configuration for a supported device, please consider offering it for inclusion in Librekontrol as an example.