Release of Librekontrol 0.1

by Brandon Invergo (Sun 14 April 2019)

I'm happy to announce the inaugural release of Librekontrol! Librekontrol is a programmable controller editor for GNU/Linux. This first release sees the software in a usable state, with most basic functionality present for everyday device configuration.

Please note that this should be considered alpha software. Assume that you might encounter bugs and that the software might fail spectacularly if you try to do something particularly clever with it. It's certainly ready to be tested and played around with, and indeed, you can already start using it regularly for everyday projects. You probably shouldn't depend on it for your big gig at the warehouse rave next weekend, though.

Note that the code also hasn't seen any real optimization effort, so latency will not be ideal if you're using it to configure a device that you will play in real-time.

Of course, all of these problems would make great entry points into helping out with Librekontrol's development. Find a bug, zap it, and share your fix for the greater good!

Please also consider helping out by completing the existing device definitions if you own any of them (all devices from Native Instruments and by contributing new device definitions.

Download Librekontrol 0.1 [sig]