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5.2.3 Low-Level Input Events

Function: abs-input-max device event-code
Function: abs-input-min device event-code

Get the maximum or minimum possible values for an absolute-position input event event-code on device.

Function: remap-enable-event device type code
Function: remap-disable-event device type code

Enable/disable the event corresponding to type and code for device’s input remapper.

Function: remap-set-abs-info device code min max resolution fuzz flat

Set parameters related to absolute-position event code that has been enabled for device’s input remapper. min and max set the minimum and maximum values, respectively. resolution, fuzz and flat modify the sensitivity of the event(?). All of the parameters should have integer values.

Function: finalize-remap-dev device

Finalize the input remapper for device. This function must be called after all desired remap events have been enabled but before any remapped events are actually generated.

Function: send-remap-event device type code value

Generate a remap event for device corresponding to type and code at value. The event must have already been enabled via remap-enable-event and the remapper must have already been finalized via finalize-remap-dev.