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5.2.2 Low-Level ALSA Hardware Controls

Function: open-ctl device idnum

Open the ALSA control with numeric ID idnum on device.

Return #f if something goes wrong.

Function: set-boolean-ctl alsa-ctl value
Function: toggle-boolean-ctl alsa-ctl
Function: get-boolean-ctl alsa-ctl

Set a boolean-valued alsa-ctl to value, toggle its value between ‘#f’ and ‘#t’, or get its current value.

Function: set-integer-ctl alsa-ctl value
Function: get-integer-ctl alsa-ctl

Set an integer-valued alsa-ctl to value, or get its current value.

Function: integer-ctl-max alsa-ctl
Function: integer-ctl-min alsa-ctl

Get the maximum or minimum allowable values for integer-valued alsa-ctl.