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5.3.4 Native Instruments Kontrol S4

Note: definitions for this device are incomplete. If you own this device, please help by producing more descriptive names for the “unknown” input events (see below) and by defining controls that sensibly pair input events with ALSA hardware controls (or with ‘#f’ if there is no associated ALSA Ctl).

Variable: alsa-name
Variable: input-name
Input Max Parameter: pot-max
Input Max Parameter: knob-max

Input events:

Input Event: knob-loop-dry/wet
Input Event: fader-crossfader
Input Event: knob-mic-volume
Input Event: knob-cue-mix
Input Event: fader-chan-a
Input Event: knob-chan-a-eq-filter
Input Event: fader-chan-a-eq-low
Input Event: fader-chan-a-eq-mid
Input Event: fader-chan-a-eq-hi
Input Event: fader-chan-b
Input Event: knob-chan-b-eq-filter
Input Event: fader-chan-b-eq-low
Input Event: fader-chan-b-eq-mid
Input Event: fader-chan-b-eq-hi
Input Event: fader-chan-c
Input Event: knob-chan-c-eq-filter
Input Event: fader-chan-c-eq-low
Input Event: fader-chan-c-eq-mid
Input Event: fader-chan-c-eq-hi
Input Event: fader-chan-d
Input Event: knob-chan-d-eq-filter
Input Event: fader-chan-d-eq-low
Input Event: fader-chan-d-eq-mid
Input Event: fader-chan-d-eq-hi
Input Event: wheel-deck-a
Input Event: fader-deck-a-tempo
Input Event: wheel-distance-deck-a
Input Event: wheel-deck-b
Input Event: fader-deck-b-tempo
Input Event: wheel-distance-deck-b
Input Event: knob-fx1-dry/wet
Input Event: knob-fx1-1
Input Event: knob-fx1-2
Input Event: knob-fx1-3
Input Event: knob-fx2-dry/wet
Input Event: knob-fx2-1
Input Event: knob-fx2-2
Input Event: knob-fx2-3

The following events are produced by buttons, however it is not clear which button is responsible for which event without having a device to test. They start from event code key-misc (value 256), so, e.g., button-unknown-4 produces event code 260.

Input Event: button-unknown-1
Input Event: button-unknown-2
Input Event: button-unknown-3
Input Event: button-unknown-4
Input Event: button-unknown-5
Input Event: button-unknown-6
Input Event: button-unknown-7
Input Event: button-unknown-8
Input Event: button-unknown-9
Input Event: button-unknown-10
Input Event: button-unknown-11
Input Event: button-unknown-12
Input Event: button-unknown-13
Input Event: button-unknown-14
Input Event: button-unknown-15
Input Event: button-unknown-16
Input Event: button-unknown-17
Input Event: button-unknown-18
Input Event: button-unknown-19
Input Event: button-unknown-20
Input Event: button-unknown-21
Input Event: button-unknown-22
Input Event: button-unknown-23
Input Event: button-unknown-24
Input Event: button-unknown-25
Input Event: button-unknown-26
Input Event: button-unknown-27
Input Event: button-unknown-28
Input Event: button-unknown-29
Input Event: button-unknown-30
Input Event: button-unknown-31
Input Event: button-unknown-32
Input Event: button-unknown-33
Input Event: button-unknown-34
Input Event: button-unknown-35
Input Event: button-unknown-36
Input Event: button-unknown-37
Input Event: button-unknown-38
Input Event: button-unknown-39
Input Event: button-unknown-40

The following events are produced by knobs, however it is not clear which knob is responsible for which event without having a device to test. They produce absolute-position events (ev-abs event type) starting from event code 54 (so, knob-unknown-2 produces event code 55).

Input Event: knob-unknown-1
Input Event: knob-unknown-2
Input Event: knob-unknown-3
Input Event: knob-unknown-4
Input Event: knob-unknown-5
Input Event: knob-unknown-6
Input Event: knob-unknown-7
Input Event: knob-unknown-8
Input Event: knob-unknown-9

ALSA hardware controls:

ALSA Ctl: led-master-quant
ALSA Ctl: led-master-headphone
ALSA Ctl: led-master-master
ALSA Ctl: led-master-snap
ALSA Ctl: led-master-warning
ALSA Ctl: led-master-master-button
ALSA Ctl: led-master-snap-button
ALSA Ctl: led-master-rec
ALSA Ctl: led-master-size
ALSA Ctl: led-master-quant-button
ALSA Ctl: led-master-browser-button
ALSA Ctl: led-master-play-button
ALSA Ctl: led-master-undo-button
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a->
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-<
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-3
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-4
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-5
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-6
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-meter-clip
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-active
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-cue
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-fx1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-a-fx2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b->
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-<
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-3
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-4
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-5
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-6
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-meter-clip
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-active
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-cue
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-fx1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-b-fx2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c->
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-<
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-3
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-4
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-5
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-6
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-meter-clip
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-active
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-cue
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-fx1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-c-fx2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d->
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-<
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-2
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-3
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-4
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-5
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-6
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-meter-clip
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-active
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-cue
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-fx1
ALSA Ctl: led-chan-d-fx2
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-1-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-1-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-2-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-2-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-3-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-3-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-4-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-4-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-load
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-deck-c-button
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-in
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-out
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-shift
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-sync
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-cue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-play
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-tempo-up
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-tempo-down
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-master
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-keylock
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-deck-a
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-deck-c
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-samples
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-on-air
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-sample-1
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-sample-2
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-sample-3
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-sample-4
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-a
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-b
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-c
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-d
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-e
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-f
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-g
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-1-dot
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-a
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-b
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-c
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-d
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-e
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-f
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-g
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-a-digit-2-dot
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-1-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-1-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-2-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-2-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-3-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-3-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-4-blue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-4-green
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-load
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-deck-d-button
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-in
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-out
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-shift
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-sync
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-cue
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-play
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-tempo-up
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-tempo-down
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-master
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-keylock
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-deck-b
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-deck-d
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-samples
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-on-air
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-sample-1
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-sample-2
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-sample-3
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-sample-4
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-a
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-b
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-c
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-d
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-e
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-f
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-g
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-1-dot
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-a
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-b
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-c
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-d
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-e
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-f
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-g
ALSA Ctl: led-deck-b-digit-2-dot
ALSA Ctl: led-fx1-dry/wet
ALSA Ctl: led-fx1-1
ALSA Ctl: led-fx1-2
ALSA Ctl: led-fx1-3
ALSA Ctl: led-fx1-mode
ALSA Ctl: led-fx2-dry/wet
ALSA Ctl: led-fx2-1
ALSA Ctl: led-fx2-2
ALSA Ctl: led-fx2-3
ALSA Ctl: led-fx2-mode

Controls: TODO

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