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3 Invoking Librekontrol

You start Librekontrol by running librekontrol at the command line. Librekontrol will then read your configuration from an initialization script and it will then start listening for events.

By default, the program will load the initialization script from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/librekontrol/init.scm. Usually, XDG_CONFIG_HOME will point to $HOME/.config, so the file should be in $HOME/.config/librekontrol/init.scm. If XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, then the program tries to load the file directly from $HOME/.config/librekontrol/init.scm.

To specify an initialization file at a different location, you can use the command’s --load-file (short option: -f).

You can request Librekontrol to emit debug information by passing the --debug (-d) option.

To get a list of available command-line options, you can pass the --help (-?) or --usage options.

Finally, to view the version of Librekontrol that you have installed, pass the --version (-V) option.