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1 Introduction

Librekontrol is a controller editor for GNU/Linux. You use Librekontrol to (re-)define the events that occur when you interact with a controller: keyboards, gamepads, music controllers, etc.

In fact, music controllers are a primary focus of Librekontrol. As such, it also provides access to hardware features defined through ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture), typically LEDs on the device. Librekontrol can also create software MIDI ports through ALSA for any configured controller.

Rather than simply offering a basic configuration system, Librekontrol is fully programmable through Guile, a dialect of the programming language Scheme (see (guile)Introduction).

This means that the sky is the limit with what you can do with Librekontrol: conveniently map the buttons on your device to keyboard shortcuts configured in a program, compose complex keyboard macros, or use your gamepad as a MIDI controller.