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2.2.3 Example Configuration: Device Names

First up are the device’s names:

 #:alsa-name ak1:alsa-name
 #:input-name ak1:input-name

#:alsa-name refers to the name of the device as defined by ALSA, if such a name exists. We set it to ak1:alsa-name, which is defined in the ‘(guile devices ni-ak1)’ module as “AudioKontrol1”. Similarly, #:input-name is the name of the device according to the kernel input module, which we set to ak1:input-name (“Audio Kontrol 1”).

Librekontrol uses these names to find the device. You must set at least one of them, however, neither one is required (i.e. you can configure an input-only device or a device that only has some LEDs but no input controls).